Frequently Asked Questions

See below a list of our most frequently asked questions
Can I collect my order from your shop?
Unfortunately, normally we delivery with the post or delivery courier. If you want to collect personally from us, please contact us.
Are these decals reusable?
All of our decals are removable but they are not reusable
Will your decal stick on my wall?
Our decals will stick to most flat, smooth surfaces that are clean and dry. This includes walls, tiles, windows and mirrors.
Our decals do NOT stick to the following surfaces:
– Teflon paint, wash and wear paint
– Old flaky painted surfaces or newly painted surfaces
– Medium to heavily textured walls
– Brick, cement
Just to be sure, we aim to provide testers with all orders. Please use these first before using your decals.
We cannot guarantee that decals will adhere to all surfaces, so we’re not able to offer refunds for decals not adhering to your surface.
If you’re unsure if our decals will stick to your walls, you can purchase a tester decal
Are your decals easy to install?
Very easy! We send simple, step-by-step instructions with each order. You can do it! We also have a video that you can watch at our website.
How do I get the decals off when I'm ready to redecorate? Will they damage my walls?
To remove the decals, start at a corner and simply peel them away. They will come off easily and will not damage your walls. Landlords love us! We also have a video that you can watch at our website.
Can I get any design in any colour?
Absolutely! We cut to order so you choose the design and colour for each decal.
I love your decals but I need a different size. Can you do this?
Of course! We can custom-size any design for you.
Can you make a custom design for me?
We have the most fun making custom designed decals for our customers! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work up something that you will love!
Child Safety
At Happy Stickers, children’s safety is a top priority. If purchasing decals for small children’s rooms, please note that decals can be potential choking and/or suffocation hazards for children age 4 and under. Do not leave children alone with the bag. Do not install decals inside, on or close to cribs. Decals can fall off of the wall and into cribs if the wall paint/surface is not compatible with decals. Children may also try to peel off the decal and put it in their mouth or over their nose and mouth. Please install your decal(s) out of reach of children 4 and under. On some paint surfaces, decals can take up to 5 days to fully bond to walls.
What's included with my purchase?
We include detailed instructions, an application tool and free practice decal with every order.
Do you offer bulk or multiple item discounts?
Yes, please contact us by email.

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